571: Ruth Paul: Little Hector and the Big Blue Whale

A small but daring dolphin, Little Hector swims out into the deep blue ocean. He meets many dangers – and an unlikely friend – and proves you are never too small to have BIG adventures. Hector’s dolphin is very rare and special. It is found only in New Zealand’s coastal waters, and is one of the smallest dolphins in the world. Unless we take steps to protect them, Hector’s dolphins may become extinct in our lifetimes.

“I may be small,” he thought, “but everything here is just the right size for me.”

“Little Hector and the Big Blue Whale” is written and illustrated by Ruth Paul. Published by Penguin Random House in 2018. Donated to the library by Stefanie Rixecker from Christchurch in New Zealand ❤️

Photos by Anna Iltnere / Sea Library

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