656: Susan Richardson: Where the Seals Sing

As graceful in the sea as they might seem clumsy on land, grey seals have visited our shores and enriched our culture for centuries. Yet we still know relatively little about these captivating animals. Brimming with vivid descriptions of the natural world, this book is a lyrical tale of memory, rescue and rehabilitation. While loss, both personal and ecological, is a recurring theme, the human–seal connection that flows through the story is stirring and uplifting.

“..I’ve never given much attention to the choice the selkie must make between staying with her children on land and returning to her soul-home of the sea, yet I now think of it as deeply complex and painful.”

Susan Richardson “Where the Seals Sing”. Published by William Collins in 2022. Donated to the library by Susan Richardson and HarperCollins ❤️

Photos by Anna Iltnere / Sea Library

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