661: Angela Cockayne: Radical Fauna

This book is a commentary, by a compendium of chimerical creatures, artworks made by the British contemporary artist Angela Cockayne, on the closing days of the Anthropocene and the first bewildering days of a new age yet to be defined. These ‘strandliners’ – ever changing tidal offerings, are the remains of the day and an era, of millennia and the last 500 years of oceanic discovery, enlightenment, and annihilation, all in the blink of a planetary eye.

“Despite all the warnings, no one quite expected the breathtaking speed at which this happened.”

The book (also as a free e-book) is accompanied by essays and photographies by Angela Cockayne, Sarah Chapman, Cal Flyn, Philip Hoare, Jeroen Hoekendijk, Scott McVay, Rupert Read, Manda Scott, and I, the sea librarian Anna Iltnere.

Angela Cockayne “Radical Fauna: A Commentary on the Age of Collapse”. Published by HWEG Limited in 2022. Donated to the Sea Library by Angela Cockayne ❤️

Photos by Anna Iltnere / Sea Library

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