672: Robert Louis Stevenson: The Body-Snatcher & The Sea Fogs

This English literature collection presents two classic short stories by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894), “The Body-Snatcher” and “The Sea Fogs”. “The Body Snatcher” is a story in which characters were based on criminals in the employ of real-life surgeon Robert Knox around the time of the notorious Burke and Hare murders (1828). ‘The Sea Fogs’ represents a highly personal insight into the life and health of the world-renowned author, Robert Louis Stevenson. It follows his honeymoon in Napa Valley in California where he and his new wife have taken up residence in an abandoned silver mine. Stevenson had long been afflicted by pulmonary difficulties and it was hoped these two months away from the damp of San Francisco would give his ailing lungs a chance to recuperate. It is here where we are first acquainted with the sea fogs drifting in from the pacific and swarming the coast.

“that vast fog ocean lay in a trance of silence”

Robert Louis Stevenson “The Body-Snatcher & The Sea Fogs”. Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform in 2015. Bought by me for the library 💙

Photos by Anna Iltnere / Sea Library

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