678: Astrid Lindgren: Seacrow Island

The four Melkerson children are a little bit worried on reaching Seacrow Island, where their father has rented a cottage for the whole summer without even setting eyes on it. On the boat a man told Pelle, the youngest Melkerson, that the cottage’s roof leaks. They disembark in the pouring rain. Seacrow Island, however, turns out to be full of all sorts of wonderful surprises. By the end of the summer, all four children and their father know that Seacrow Island is home.

“The sea was free of ice once more, and all the boats were being made ready. The whole island was enveloped in the smell of tar and paint and the continual smoke from burning leaves. But stronger than all other smells was the smell of the sea.”

Astrid Lindgren “Seacrow Island”. Originally published in 1964. Translated from Swedish by Evelyn Ramsden in 1968. This edition was published by Oxford University Press in 2016. I bought it for the library thanks to sold woven bookmarks 💙

Photos by Anna Iltnere / Sea Library

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