687: SIRENE N°7

Sirene is an international award-winning publication, tailored for those people who feel close to the sea even when they are far away from it.  Large recycled paper pages, rough and porous as only saltwater stains can be, large white spaces, pure as a sea horizon, and page-turner stories that will put you on the same wave-length with a surging community looking at the oceans as the intersection of the planet’s destinies.  Its paper is made from algae, to make use of excess algal blooms from lagoons at risk. For every half kilo of fresh algae, a kilo of wood is saved.

This summer issue of 2018 features: The Sky Above the Islands. Amidst the Ghosts of Bernard Moitessier. Nakuru Kuru. The Unsustainable Science of the Waves. Petros Koublis: Aegean, the Sea of Myth. Atlantic-Pacific on the Road. Sailing Cargo Ships Are Back. A Voyage by Kayak Around the Cyclades. On the Waves of Nausicaa. Lipsi Island. Miyako: the Sacred Cave in One Breath. The Bathing Manifesto.

SIRENE N°7, Summer 2018, English edition 💙

Photos by Anna Iltnere / Sea Library

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