640: Thor Heyerdahl: The Ra Expeditions

In this book, the bestselling author of “The Kon-Tiki Expedition” relates another tale of breathtaking sea-going adventure. In 1969 Thor Heyerdahl embarked from Morocco on a perilous voyage – this time in Ra, a boat made of papyrus – to test the theory that the earliest people of the Mediterranean world could have crossed the Atlantic and set up communities from Mexico to Peru.

“I did not want to prove anything. I wanted to find out something.”

Thor Heyerdahl “The Ra Expeditions”. First published in Norwegian in 1970. This English edition was published by Flamingo in 1993. Translated by Patricia Crampton. Donated to the library by Malcolm Carey from Cornwall, UK ❤️

Photos by Anna Iltnere / Sea Library

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