694: Mark Radcliffe: Three Gifts

If you could save the life of a loved one by trading in years of your own life, how many years would you give? How many loved could you save? Would you know when to stop? Francis Broad has done just that and has negotiated the day of his death, now he must come to terms with the decisions he has made. This book explores one man’s attempt to live a good life, his sense of responsibility, gratitude and what it means to love.

“Francis looked at the water, it was many things but mainly it was big, endless even, and if he imagined for a moment closing his eyes and opening them to find himself out on the horizon, he would feel the fear in his chest almost cripple him.”

Mark A Radcliffe “Three Gifts”. Originally published in 2022. This edition was released by époque press in 2023. Donated to the Sea Library by Nicki O’Neill from the UK ❤️ Mark A Radcliffe is her good friend and fellow sea swimmer.

Photos by Anna Iltnere / Sea Library

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